House windows Eugene Oregon are often the cause of those sky-high energy bills. Replacing old leaky windows and doors has several purposes.

To begin with, you save a lot of money on energy costs. New windows increase your home’s value and give you a more comfortable atmosphere year round.

It is difficult for some people to realize how much energy is lost through faulty windows and doors.

It does not take long for customers that follow through on installation and repair to see their energy bills decline.

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Those who choose to do a complete weatherization of their home can save even more and we offer a no-cost weatherization analysis at Emerald Valley Weatherization.

During this no-cost analysis, our professionals will look at your windows, doors, insulation, energy saving appliances and ductless heat pumps as excellent ways to conserve energy.

Without quality weatherization, your energy bills will fluctuate dramatically depending on the temperature outside. Without proper weatherization, your home loses energy through air leaks and poor insulation. The losses of energy estimates are astounding. In-fact current statistics show that a family home can lose about 15 % of its energy through the roof and ceiling, 20% through doors and windows, 15 % through ducts and plumbing and 10 % through the floors and walls.

With energy losses this high, you stand to save a lot of money with proper weatherization of your home. Energy costs will continue to keep rising, so each year after weatherizing your home you save more money. You can beautify your home, save money and stay comfortable all at the same time. So, where do you start? You start by calling the experts to assess your home. You will know when they leave what your problems are and how much it will cost for professionals to make repairs or replace faulty house windows and doors.

Choose new house windows Eugene Oregon, from a large variety of quality designs or customize them especially for your home. The staff is well trained and ready to help you with any questions or concerns. While you can benefit from the knowledge of professionals, you also have the last word. Customer satisfaction is always a high priority. We offer our expert advice, and then leave you free to decide how much weatherization you want to do. If customers do a partial weatherization such as new windows and the installation of insulation, it will make a major difference in comfort and costs.