Emerald Valley Weatherization Eugene Insulation Contractors know the difference that properly installed insulation can make to your home. After 40 years in the industry, we have earned a reputation for providing quality weatherization to customers from all nearby areas.

Our standards demand that when or work is complete, our customer’s home and businesses will be more comfortable and much more energy efficient than prior to us completing the insulation project.

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We take our work seriously. This country can ill afford to waste energy.

Our country’s goal is to end the dependency of energy from foreign countries. Every bit of fuel our customers save is a feather in our cap and a reward to our clients.

We have learned over the past 4 decades that we can make a difference by properly weatherizing and insulating every home we improve.

Experience has taught us that our customers can realize a savings of 25% or more after we complete a weatherization project. We can show how the payback period for the cost of the insulation project can occur in just a few short years.

There are many ways we can increase a home’s energy efficiency. Adding extra insulation is an obvious method.

Our Eugene insulation contractors can install an addition layer of insulating material directly over your exiting insulation.

If necessary, our crews can completely replace old substandard insulating materials with more efficient product.

You will see the difference when you get your next utility bill.

Insulation is just one of the methods that Eugene insulation contractors use to increase a home’s efficiency. We can show you how ill-fitting doors and windows are major areas for heat loss. Our company carries and installs high efficiency windows and doors from Milgard, Andersen, Cascade and More.

Find out more about various rebates, tax write-offs and incentives that are currently available to help you defray the cost of your project. Visit our showroom or call us at 541-726-1027.

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