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Emerald Valley Weatherization is a full-service Eugene heating and weatherization company located in Springfield Oregon and we specialize in saving you money through energy preservation.

The green products and services we offer are good for the environment, so they are good for you and your pocketbook as well.

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Conservation of energy is the best way to help the environment and cut energy costs. We offer weatherization services that help stop the leaks that cause your home or business to lose heat during the cold winter months.

In fact, you can save about 25% on your heating and cooling costs by using our weatherization services and improving the insulation in your home.

We can work on your windows if they are drafty. Not only does it help you save money on utility bills each month, it also helps to raise the value of your home or building. With that kind of a deal, you cannot lose. We only install new windows from the best manufactures and have a number of attractive styles from which to choose.

Sealing your entryways is especially important if you want to reduce energy costs and protect the environment. This stops air leaks that needlessly raise your heating and cooling costs. We can install weather-stripping or even stylish new doors to make sure your entryways are properly sealed. Eugene heating costs can be very high during the cold winters and hot summers.

Finally, we offer ductless heat pumps that are a very efficient way to save energy. They are easy to install and may be far more cost effective than your present heating system. Chances are good that a heat pump will pay for itself in a few years. These Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps are quiet and they can heat and cool your home properly and save you money. The State of Oregon also offers tax incentives and rebates when you install heat pumps, so you just cannot lose. Eugene heating costs have gotten way out of control and Emerald Valley Weatherization is here to save you money and do what is right to protect the environment and your family.

We offer free estimates, so call us today so that we can come out and give you an overall energy saving analysis of your home or business.

You can find out more about various rebates, tax write-offs and incentives that are currently available to help you defray the cost of your project. Visit our showroom or call us today at 541-726-1027.

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